About LayersPrinting

Please visit our facebook/G+ pages for latest updates and/or queries. These pages are listed below.

For quote requests, drop us a line at layers.printing@gmail.com or contact Mr. Rizwan A. Rana on +92300 6480438.

LayersPrinting is a company focusing on premium print media and accompanying online services. We provide premium solutions for print policy management.  Our services include: Complete 2D/3D Graphic Designing Solutions, Printing Services of all Kinds including Flex, Event Promotion Material Designing and Printing, and Book and Magazine Publications. We also offer accompanying websites to publications/event management/promotion material.

Our publication pipeline is exclusive to Adobe Creative Cloud which efficiently manages all client data and presents cutting edge technology for print and web publication.

Our core software usage includes Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for print media; and Edge Animator, Muse and Dreamweaver for web.

Our core Printing machines include Rota/Solna (Roland Variants), Aurelia H-440 Perfector and Heidelberg Speedmaster.

Complete planning and WBS is available for annually/quarterly/monthly recurring publications.


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